Who and What is Trying To Shape our Culture? or Cancel our Culture?

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Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'Culture is not shaped by accident or by our collective unbelief as a church but culture is shaped by people who have the greater intentionality in shaping it. LANCEWALLNAU.COM'

Let us as the Church be the Most Intentional in Shaping our Culture

Jesus often swam against the tide of the culture. He preached in the synagogues, healed the lepers and cast out demons everywhere He went. He touched the untouchables, rubbed mud into blind eyes and hugged the lepers.

PRAY:  For Christians to walk counter culture just like Jesus.

Jesus spoke with great authority. Many wanted to follow Him and hear His Kingdom message of love, salvation and truth. He validated women, the poor and the outcasts.  This was seen as counter cultural and wrong and even against the law by the Leaders. Jesus saw their hearts were hard towards the people.

PRAY: Christians speak truth with great authority, validating all the most vulnerable.

The religious people accused of Him of working under the power of satan. They were powerless to do any miracles or signs and wonders and were concerned the people would follow and believe Jesus.

PRAY:  Church be empowered from on high with love and power.

There has been a  problem with false teachers in our schools, colleges and Universities for many years now.  They are able to deceive with their many persuasive words which are further accentuated and endorsed by the main stream media. These persuasive arguments threaten to shape or cancel our present culture and already have in some cases.
These false teachers are promoting a counterfeit awakening to fill a spiritual vacuum = woke. – Lance Wallnau
PRAY: Protection for our children and students from indoctrination and deceptive teachings.

Check out this video where Lance Wallnau talks about this in more detail.


And that’s the thing about deception, it comes packaged in persuasion. Although the words may be persuasive, they are, in fact, deceptive.- Lance Wallnau

In Colossions 2 Paul was having big trouble with false teachers also.  He warned us: Beware that no one distracts you (strips you naked or takes you captive), or intimidates you, by pretending to be full of wisdom, when they’re fillled with endless arguments of human logic. For they operate with humanistic, and clouded judgement based on the mindset of this world system, and not the truth of God. -Passion Translation.

PRAY:  Against humanism, intimidation, and socialist agendas.

When Jesus walked on this earth as a God-man He was counter cultural. He not only did not follow the cultural norms of the day but spoke actively against many of the cultural beliefs and practices.

PRAY: Lets speak actively against our PC culture.

Jesus detested the religious leaders of the church whom he called hypocrites and “a brood of vipers”. They  demanded the rules and laws be kept by the people but lived in deception themselves.

PRAY: Against deception and religious spirits in the Church.

Jesus took every opportunity to challenge these chief priests. Many of them continually tried to find a reason to arrest Jesus and even kill Him.

PRAY: Against antichrist spirit.

Jesus healed the people and cast out demons in the market place, in the temple and in the countryside. The people were awe struck, astounded and amazed at His authority and power to heal and cast out demons. His followers were also shocked and amazed to see what He did and hear His message of this new Kingdom of God.

PRAY: Evangelism throughout NZ. For demonstrations of God’s miracles, signs and wonders.


God also has a cancel culture!!!

Come on Church rise up and be effective in your  sphere of influence in New Zealand. We need to extend grace, but we do not need to agree with  unrighteous beliefs in our culture, which do not line up with God’s Word.


Edited By Maralyn MacLeod.



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