Let’s be a virus of hope and let’s start spreading it …

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Just imagine being a hopeful virus…

…you are this virus, a virus full to the top with hope.

What is hope?

Hope is a confident and strong expectation that we will receive what we cannot see or have yet.

In the Bible, hope is never a static or passive thing. It is dynamic, active, directive and life sustaining…

In other words, a biblical hope is not an escape from reality or from problems. It doesn’t leave us idle, drifting or just rocking on the front porch. If our hope is biblical and based on God’s promises, it will put us in gear.

bible on hope

We can bring this hope to a person and release RNA.

What is RNA?

Ribonucleic acid is principally involved in the synthesis of proteins, carrying the messenger instructions from DNA, which itself contains the genetic instructions required for the development and maintenance of life.        News-medical

You can become a messenger of hope

You can become a messenger carrying instructions for the development and maintenance of life, which is hope.

Once we establish Hope (RNA) and it gets into our DNA  and it takes over, hope grows exponentially very quickly. Soon we find we are overflowing with hope. It spreads everywhere as we release it.


Be a super-spreader of HOPE in 2020


Is hope in your DNA?

What are you carrying in our DNA?

Hope for the future despite what you see or hope deferred making you feel sick and tired?



Thank you How Stuff Works for this brilliant diagram      howstuffworks


bible on hope

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