Wayfinders Workshop Oct 2-4: A New Approach to Evangelism and Discipleship

wayfinders discover evangelism
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We invite you to come and join us at Capital Vineyard for this exciting and inspiring Workshop.

What is Wayfinders?

Many people have been using Wayfinders’ materials. Some, who had never heard about Jesus, are now baptized and making disciples. We have had to unlearn old ways and relearn new ways to:

+ open a spiritual conversation
+ share our stories in 3 minutes
+ share stories about Jesus
+ run a group that become disciples who make disciples

Wayfinders provides very simple tools at no cost. Easy to learn, easy to teach, easy to use and can be used digitally. It is really fun and very fruitful. This hands-on workshop will equip you and inspire you to get started on “The Great Commission”.  Mathew 28:18

Interactive and intergenerational Workshop: suitable for families with age 8+

Saturday sessions are $20 per adult and children free. This is an intergenerational event so we encourage you to come as a family. Lunch and resources will be provided. Please register by September 27 for catering and resource preparation.

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For more information, contact: Suzanne Harris at suzyh10@gmail.com or 022 5600 123 

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