Transitioning from Paradise into Quarantine

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Five Months Living in Paradise

Five months living in paradise in my bus in rural Northern Queensland with two gorgeous grand daughters,

The Challenges in Paradise

The kangaroos ate all my parsley, tomato plants and pawpaw seedlings. The next door neighbor’s cows invaded my new pineapple patch and we nearly ran out of toilet paper!

I survived:
  • lockdown,
  • home schooling two grand daughters,
  • bats in the bathroom and
  • being dive bombed by flying earwigs.

 The Joys of Paradise

But what a wonderful, rich, healing and motivating time this has been. My mind feels clearer and more alive than it has for years. My stress is down to zero and I have lost some of the fine lines from my face.
We have walked in the tropical bush and seen the platypus in their natural surroundings.
This is a great climate  for gardening. Most days I have been pottering around developing a  tropical garden around my bus. 
The girls and I have swum in the river most days and we have two new puppies.  

Time to Go Home to Wellington

But now it is time to go home to Wellington.
It will be great to be home, even if a cold shock to the system…

Air NZ

 Air New Zealand gave excellent service after an initial difficulty in contacting them. The airline cancelled and credited my original tickets because of COVID.
They exchanged my tickets back to Auckland free of charge. They also organised a free ticket from Auckland quarantine hotel  back to Wellington.
There was no connecting flights from Mackay to Auckland. Tonight I am staying over night in Brisbane. 

Time for Quarantine

Tomorrow I will fly out to New Zealand and begin 14 days in quarantine in a hotel in Auckland. 
Come on this quarantine journey with me. I hope it will be an interesting two weeks to do some good writing.

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