Time to Speak Now… OR Do We Want This to Happen in NZ

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We are all devastated about what was allowed to happen in Afghanistan in these last weeks. It is still happening.  Read this heart breaking article from Stuff today.


We ask HOW could this have happened? We feel helpless for the plight of these people, so we put it out of our minds for now….

But could this kind of control happen in our own Nation of NZ?

Could we be denied freedom of speech?, freedom to go where we want to? freedom to live, work and enjoy life as we want to?

Could we be denied freedom to leave our country of NZ if we want to? or return to NZ when we want or need to?

Could the NZ Government deny our rights to live out our own faith how we want to? Deny our rights to be able to pray, support and council our own families how we want to?

Will we allow our Government to beat us emotionally, economically and spiritually, until we comply to their  control and manipulation.?

Will we comply to the coercion to take experimental drugs?



Time to speak now, find a platform and begin to spread the truth. Do whatever it takes to speak out with great compassion to those who are blind and cannot see. We carry the fragrance of Holy Spirit, it smells good.

We are anointed for such a time as this. Our purpose is to bring good news to the captives, open the eyes of the blind, help the lame to walk. 

It is not a time to be silent and allow false teachers and leaders to shipwreck the immature. These false leaders mock the truth and are motivated by evil desires causing division. They follow their own evil desires and are devoid of the life of the spirit.

Speak up NOW  for truth and FREEDOM.

What does freedom look like to you???????

Think about the truth of “Freedom” and what it really means to you.






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