Time to Re-Introduce Holy Spirit… in this New Pentecost Era

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Tim Sheets shares another extremely important message for the church.


Allow Holy Spirit to Challenge the Doom the Gloom.  (Acts 1:1-11)

It is time for Holy Spirit to be restored, reset, reconnected, re-calibrated, re- stated in your life.
Holy  Spirit is an equal member of the Godhead. He  is the chief operating commander in chief on the earth today.  He can reset our minds to challenge
-the doom the gloom
-the fear and dread
-the mindset that there is nothing we can do to change what’s happening.

Focus on God’s Declaration of Purpose  (John 14:12-18)

We are moving into awesome times, don’t focus on what hell is doing but focus on God’s declaration of purpose. Gods purpose must be understood so we can focus on our destiny.
Jesus came to give new life and defeat the works of the devil. 


Time to Activate the Purpose and Power of the Father

Time to activate the purpose and power of the Father. He will completely reset your mind when Holy Spirit comes into your spirit.  You will be both natural and supernatural. You will  function in the supernatural realm.
Jesus explained His Kingdom has an army of angels, operating from the spiritual realm. This army functions with the church, the natural kingdom on the earth.


Tim challenges you…WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE?


Whose side are you on? Whose words are you speaking? Whose report do you believe?
Holy Spirit is coming to deliver us from the works of the devil. We will never agree with hell’s kingdom but we will shine, with God’s light into the darkness


We have to Reset our World View


Everywhere I turn someone is  talking about it….
Simple…don’t turn it on
What do you expect hell is going to say?????  Devil is full of lies and deception and comes to rob,steal and kill.
Stop this demon thinking that he will destroy our nation, tear down our heritage and history!

You must rise up and reset your world view

The purpose of God is not going to fail, it is time to act like, walk like, talk like we are believers
it is time to contend for your faith, its our turn… we have an amazing heritage from our many great Christian Fathers. It is now our turn to be history makers.


Will you accept this challenge?

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