Time to go Home to New Zealand and into Quarantine

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Flying from Australia to New Zealand during Border Restrictions


Arriving at Brisbane Airport

Five police officers were waiting at the check-in and inquired about my nationality. I was allowed through after assuring them I was a NZ citizen. There were only two other people in the entire check in area.
Check in was a breeze then I walked down stairs to security. It felt very lonely down there as there was no other passengers and only three staff. Passport control was the same, I was the only passenger.

The Departure Lounge was Deserted


When I arrived at the departure lounge I was quite shocked to see only two guys eating subway sandwiches. Subway was the only shop open for food or drinks The place was erie like a ghost town. All setup but everyone gone and not a whiff of coffee in sight.
The 35 people there seemed subdued, worried, with some wearing masks. A family of Mum and three boys were chatting quietly together.
We boarded our plane and took our spaced seats. Only 30 of us so the plane was pretty empty.

Air New Zealand Staff Were Incredible

The Air NZ staff were amazing. They were all so friendly and took great of us all. I was offered food and wine even though I paid for a seat and one check in bag only. We were also offered tea, coffee, wine and water another couple of times.

Border Control In New Zealand

On arrival at Auckland International Airport we went into the COVID area.
We passed through security, bio security, passport control and a COVID19 health check.
After gaining the “declared healthy” sticker we continued our journey to gate 4.
On arrival here they informed us that we must wear a face mask at all times. They told us we would quarantine in a Wellington hotel for 14 days .


Exciting! I’m going to Wellington for Quarantine

This was a big surprise for most people. they were expecting to be in Auckland. I had read on “Stuff” that a new hotel was available on Oriental parade for quarantine. They said it would have the first guests on July 14.
At 7pm thirty passengers boarded an Air NZ plane and headed for Wellington. The Army was waiting for us and we transferred to the Air Force Base at the airport for further instructions. They told us we would be going to a nice hotel and what to expect during quarantine.

Wellington is a beautiful city at night

Being careful to practice full social distancing, we boarded two buses. We traveled to the Bay Plaza Hotel on Oriental Parade in Wellington City. We were becoming a family by now. The two mums travelling with us needed our help. One had a seven month old baby, the other three young children and both had lots of luggage.
We got off the bus at the back entrance of the Bay Plaza inside the temporary erected fence. A nurse did more virus screening. An aviation security person asked us some questions. Finally we were given our room keys by hotel staff.

Home on the Eleventh Floor

My room is on the eleventh floor and has a nice night view of Mount Victoria and part of Wellington Harbour. It overlooks the car park which is our exercise area. Hope the kids will come and visit me tomorrow and we can wave at each other.
Its 10pm and time for bed but first they are going to feed me vegetarian lasagna. I haven’t eaten since breakfast time.

2 thoughts on “Time to go Home to New Zealand and into Quarantine”

    1. Most people seem to have a story as to why they are travelling.
      All NZ citizens needing to visit sick parents or are unemployed.
      Some have been working fly in fly out in Australia and were unable to return because of COVID.

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