The truth in Brazil

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Claudio Lessa tells us that nearly everything we have heard on the mainstream media is completely false.

Claudio describes the Hydroxychloroquine cocktail. He gives lots of  positive results from using these drugs in the early stages of Covid 19 infections in Brazil.  Two examples include: hospitals are empty, death rates are down to zero in areas using these drugs.

Hydroxychloroquine Cocktail includes:




Vitamins C, D, K



He claims official death totals are fake and only about money. One example he described was about a cemetery refusing to bury bodies who did not have Covid 19 cause of death on their death certificate. They receive extra money if they have a Covid diagnosis…

Another was many people have “died twice ” to increase numbers.

Claudio states

Brazil has the highest numbers of cured people

He challenges us, be careful what we believe from the main stream media!


2 thoughts on “The truth in Brazil”

  1. Claudio Chaves

    Hi there.
    Thanks Sue for posting this videos.
    It’s hard to explain everything that is happening in Brazil right now, this is why Claudio Lessa is doing a great job with this video.
    This video shows how hard is to go against a decades of corruption.
    Thanks again to put this video on and expose what is going in on in Brazil
    Good bless you
    Claudio Chaves

    1. Thanks Claudio
      Your President is trying so hard to change things in your country. It is great to hear the truth about what is really happening with this virus in Brazil.
      Bless you

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