Remember the Revival at Brownsville 25 years ago. Revive Your Church with Repentance again Lord!

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I remember those long lines to get in too… and when I watch this video (again), I can’t help but think, “Wow. Were these men not anointed by the Spirit of God to do all they did during that time?” (They were just men, after all.) Lindell Cooley led worship like this every night – every night! – for years! That alone is amazing. Visitors from every nation were present every night too… Truly, this was a special season… Many have tried and succeeded in bringing us wind-swept music to go before the Lord; but who has labored with such conviction and fire as the evangelist Steve Hill did, nightly, during this time? His purpose and anointing were sharp and clear and… surely, the presence of the Lord was in that place. Would that there were time to see it happen again… I wonder if there is… anyone left who fears the Lord…? Many churches have duplicated the enthusiastic expressions such revivals bring; but not many want much to do with the desire for holiness that anchored, for a season, the Brownsville Revival. I love this video because it captures the excitement and essence of every service of that time in that place. Remembrance in itself can be revival… – Better left Said
When I walked in that church during revival, the Spirit of the Lord was so strong, it was like a river literally flowing thru the church.  Chara Reese
A few things stick out to me in this video – 1. The band is super tight (bass guitarist is a beast!) 2. No projector screens (this would have been the overhead transparency time frame) yet people are singing, worshiping and ministering to the Spirit of the Lord. 3. The lights are up and people aren’t afraid to worship worrying what people are thinking about them. 4. I guarantee you ain’t nobody complaining about the loudness in that room and I promise you it’s LOUD!  – Marty Pierce

Revive Your Church again Lord.

Pour out Your Spirits of Revival and Repentance on New Zealand just as You have done before.


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