Quarantine Again for 7 Days

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Time to go home has come

Arrived in NZ, Tuesday evening at 6.15pm on 14 December, following 6 months living in paradise in Northern Queensland. After 2 and half hours of queues at Auckland Airport we finally boarded our bus, bound for the Stamford Plaza in the middle of Auckland City. Another 2 hours of queues here at the hotel, showing the same documents many times over to different people, and I finally arrived in my room at 10.20pm. There were many young families on our plane, so all of them were hungry and tired by then, and all screaming, poor darlings. It was not such a pretty sight, especially for the parents. We all received snack packs but potato chips, instant noodles and an apple probably didn’t help those “hangries” very much!!?

Room 727 is cool, all I need except for some sun and a view, both of which are absent….sigh!!!

Beautiful sleep….

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