NZ Elections: Pray for Wisdom for all our Parliament. We Pray in Unity as Your Church.

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Election Decision

Parliament is back discussing whether we will have elections in September or not. 
This weekend the Prime Minister and Cabinet will make this decision.

Please Pray for:

  • God’s will to be done.
  • Fair date for everyone. Divine intervention on fairness.
  • Freedom of our democracy. Each person would have an equal voice.
  • Stand against all sabotage in this decision
  • Great wisdom. for all leaders. Pray for all our MP’s including our Prime Minister to be refreshed and clear.
  • Freedom from other agendas by all MPs.
  • The Election and Referendum votes will stay or move TOGETHER.
  • Unbiased media coverage of all candidates.
  • For fast and complete healing for all people who have tested COVID positive.
  • For all Auckland-ers in level 3 lock-down.


My Parliament Experience Last Week

After watching Parliament online  all day on Tuesday 5,  I decided to go personally and sit in the Gallery. Booking was required to sit overlooking the Debating Chamber. I watched our Government debate current issues and pass new legislation.
I listened to each Party challenge and  criticize the other Parties.
I passed through security at the main entrance to Parliament.
At Gallery Security: All bags, coats, scarves, hats, cell phones, hand bags, food, keys and wallets were confiscated.

Public Viewing Gallery.

I sat where I could only see the National Party side. No leaning over the balcony allowed! A large TV showed all the speakers, with sub titles of everything spoken, running at the bottom of the screen.
I wanted to hear our MP’s speak. To hear their heart and how they communicated their ideas and opinions.
Some were eloquent and succinct while others clearly needed more preparation or better advisors.
Our Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern spoke first or responded to the first questions. She looked very tired but spoke aggressively and passionately. Her words were often harsh and unkind and spoken with a sarcastic tone. I did not feel compassion or empathy coming from this hard heart.
Judith Collins, leader of the Opposition, appeared well prepared and spoke with strong conviction.
She challenged the Government to slow down passing these socialist Bills.
Unfortunately National did  not have the numbers during the vote to stop these Bills.  This will have serious consequences for the business people of New Zealand.
An example here is bad news for Landlords.
Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

This bill makes a range of changes to make the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 fit for modern renting situations in New Zealand by increasing security of tenure for tenants; promoting good-faith relationships in the renting environment; modernizing and clarifying the Act to reflect the modern renting market and environment; enhancing powers and tools for the chief executive of the department responsible for the administration of the Act; and supporting tenants’ ability to assert their legal right  residential-tenancies-amendment-bill


Some other links to Parliament Website.  The Hansards write a script of everything said in parliament.  You can find all Parliamentary Business on their website if you look hard enough.

Daily-progress-in-the-house for Tuesday 4 August-2020

For your interest the Hardstand script for Question Time for Tuesday August 4 Hansard-debates

COVID 19 Bill

The COVID-19 Response (Further Management Measures) Legislation Bill (No 2) was introduced.


NZ Parliament Website




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