NZ Elections: The Blessing Song. Praying Today for Our Families in NZ.

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It is time to PRAY FOR and SPEAK  BLESSING over all our families in New Zealand.

  • We champion all marriages and families
  • We honour mothers and fathers
  • We ask for a voice for our mothers and fathers
  • Provide for our solo mothers/fathers and widows
  • Protection for all unborn babies
  • Protection of all our school age children from indoctrination of humanism, LGBT, marxism and deception.
  •  Truth spoken to our young people at College and University.
  • That we/they would not be sensitized by all the words.
  • Pray for all prodigals.
  • Pray for all broken relationships – marriages, families, in-laws, extended families.

Sound The Alarm

It is time to sound the alarm.  The more we are asleep the louder the alarm needs to be….

Let’s pray until we see the breakthrough from this huge deception.


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