Now This is a Prayer Meeting!!!

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Two Brothers Pray for USA.

Tim and Dutch Sheets speak then lead a powerful prayer meeting in this video.

Dutch reassures us:

God is not nervous or intimidated..

He encourages us:

…to love Government because God is Government. When Government flows like God has planned there is peace, freedom and prosperity in a Nation. Man’s plan apart from God brings  perversion and corrupted power.

Satan is happy when the Church is not involved in prayer.

Be bold and unashamed  in asking God to intervene in our Nation and Government!

The prayer part starts at 1.50 on this Video.

We can pray this same prayer for New Zealand  every day until our Elections 2020.

40 Days until our Elections on Saturday September 19


40 Days until our Elections on Saturday September 19

Be Involved:  Pray, Speak, Be Informed, Vote

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