New Zealand Elections… Falling Star or New Moon?

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Quarantine is finished and I am back home here in Wellington, New Zealand.

There is nine days until  the Dissolution of Parliament for 2020.

It is Time to speak now about the upcoming elections.

It is crucial to be well informed during the campaigns for these elections.


The most important thing we need to do on September 19 is vote!

Remember to update your address if you have moved in the last 3 years, so you are eligible to vote in the electoral area you now live.

You also must update the electoral roll if you have changed your name.

Register or update now:   click

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Let’s journey together as we prepare to vote in 50 days from today, 1/8/2020. Please share your opinions  in the  comments below.

Parliament is in Session this week

I will go to Parliament  this week on Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th. Each session runs from 2pm to 10pm so hope to be there for some of this. These will be the last Parliamentary discussions in the House of Parliament for our Government before the 2020 General Elections. Want to come with me ?

I am interested to find out the topics they will be discussing and Bills they want to pass before they break. These must be very important or urgent! After  the Dissolution of Parliament on August 6, all Members of Parliament will return to their own Electorates to begin their Campaigns for our 2020 Election on September 19. Find your MP and  make an effort to go and hear them speak.

There are five parliamentary parties represented in the 52nd Parliament by 120 MPs. These MPs represent 64 general electorate seats and seven Māori electorates. The other 49 MPs are selected from the party lists. – 


On our New Zealand Parliament official website  

Find on page: “MPs and their Electorates”

  • A list of the current Members of Parliament
  • Electorate Profiles
  • The Five Parliamentary  Parties
On September 19 will we have a falling star or a new moon  govern our country ???  Will we continue the slide into socialism or will we regain democracy and freedom this country is famous for. You must decide…..


Calendar for Elections 2020


The 2020 General Election will be held on Saturday 19 September 2020.
Referendums will also be held on cannabis and end of life choice.

The key dates for the election and referendums are:

Tuesday 28 JanuaryPrime Minister announces dates for 2020 General Election
Friday 19 JuneRegulated period for election advertising expenses begins
Monday 6 JulyLaunch of Electoral Commission enrolment update campaign
Wednesday 12 AugustDissolution of Parliament
Sunday 16 AugustWrit Day – the Governor General issues formal direction to the Electoral Commission to hold the election
Wednesday 2 SeptemberOverseas voting starts
Monday 7 SeptemberAdvance voting starts
Friday 18 SeptemberAdvance voting ends
Friday 18 September midnightRegulated period ends. All election and referendum advertising must end. Signs must be taken down by midnight.
Saturday 19 SeptemberElection day. Voting places open from 9.00am to 7.00pmElection night.

Preliminary election results released progressively from 7.00pm on
Referendum votes will not be counted on election night

Friday 2 OctoberPreliminary referendum results will be released
Friday 9 OctoberOfficial results for the 2020 General Election and referendums declared
Thursday 15 OctoberLast day for the return of the writ




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