Nasal Swabs on Day 3 in Quarantine

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Nasal Swab Before Breakfast

Chris was at the door just after 8am reminding me today was swab day. He checked I had completed my Consent Form for the swab and my Health Check Form was also filled in. 
Soon the medical team of three arrived with their trolley. They wore gowns, masks, gloves and face shields so quite a scary sight at the door.  I sat on my chair at my door feeling a little anxious. The Nurse poked the stick swab up my nose and into my throat and twisted it around ten times. Enough to make your eyes water but I survived.
Will have repeat of that on day 12. Something to look forward to…

Exercise Routine

After coffee it was time to go down to level two to the car park. Walked briskly with another woman as we shared our stories and faith journeys.
My friend in Auckland left quarantine today so she is free to be a Dr in Gisborne Hospital next week. I still have some things to do during this time. 

This season has a life of it’s own

The rest of the day has passed quietly. This season has a life of it’s own. There is no expectation to do anything but I have some goals keeping a healthy mental health. Time to know the truth, walk in the truth, believe the truth and  speak the truth. Jesus is enough truth for me.


I am grateful I have unlimited WiFi and have listened to many interesting YouTube videos. I will share the inspiring and motivating ones.  There are many clever people around the world sharing their opinions and ideas. I will post the ones I agree with. Joy!

2 thoughts on “Nasal Swabs on Day 3 in Quarantine”

  1. Wow Sue, so glad you have a nice place near home, no less, to be quarantined. It is an amazing and crazy time in the world, beyond what we could imagine, and the lengths to keep this virus out of NZ seem extreme. However enjoy the ride, I know you won’t find it too hard to be alone and quiet, sounds almost perfect. While we are all out in the noise and haste…. love you. Anne

    1. Thanks Anne
      I am grateful for all the Team here who are taking great care of us 30 who flew in together from Brisbane.
      Changing of the guard here today as this team have been here since last Saturday and did see up for this hotel. All friendly and helpful as we got into the routine.

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