Living Counter Cultural: Stand Strong Against Abortion. March for Life!

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Two grandkids in NZ walked to Montessori preschool, a space with many beautiful resources available for them to learn about themselves and their environment.  They learnt how to respectfully interreact with others, accepting others boundaries.

Two grandkids in Australia walked barefooted in the native bush on their property for their preschool education. They also enjoyed a space with many beautiful resources available for them to learn about themselves and their environment. They learnt to respect all creatures great and small, interreacting with their three dogs, eight chooks and many tiny frogs, ants and spiders.


A Story of Choosing life for a Special Baby

But there was another child in this story. A baby born to a 17 year old girl who brought much shame on her own family back in 1969. She had been looking for love and got pregnant. That girl was me and I was sent to live with my aunt who lived far away from my hometown. I did not want to abort my baby but to protect her and give her life, even though I know it would be very hard to give her away.

Back then, there was no benefits for pregnant girls, so I worked cleaning other people’s houses, until a week before I gave birth to a little girl. I remember coming home from the hospital with no baby and milk in my breasts.  I had made the decision that my child should have a father and a mother who couldn’t have a child of their own.  I had arranged to have my baby adopted and I did not see her until she was 20 years old. She grew up in a lovely family who also adopted a brother for her. There was many tears of gratefulness on both sides when we finally all met after 20 years. My baby had bought so  much happiness to this couple and made them a family and I had my own family by then to. We all felt richer and more qualified by this experience to help others. I have shared my story many times and even saved some babies from abortion.

This baby is now 50 with her own grownup children. Abortion would have deprived a couple of being a family, with their own grandkids and great grandkids.

Let us stop killing our babies in NZ, they need a choice to live to. Adoption is a better way, and gives life to another family. So many parents in NZ are waiting to adopt a baby. 

Please don’t kill your baby… adoption saves lives


This Abortion Legislation Act 2020

Needless to say I was very shocked by the Abortion Bill our Government passed during the early days of COVID lockdown. This Abortion Legislation Act 2020 is one of the most liberal and horrendous in the world. In NZ it is legal to abort your baby right up to and after birth.

New Zealand Abortions Statistics – an abortion is a deliberate act of killing a child.
  • 12948 unborn children aborted in NZ in 2019
  • Weeks 0-20   12878
  • Weeks 21-40    70
  • Medical Abortion  3617
  • Surgical Abortion 9262
  • Other 69

The Abortion Legislation Act 2020 – Lack of Safeguards

Many amendments and safeguards were rejected in the parliamentary process. Amongst the rejected safeguards are the following:

  • No protection against gender-selective abortions. The amendment to make gender-selective abortions illegal was rejected.

  • No protection against disability discriminatory abortions. The amendment to protect babies with a disability from discrimination was rejected.

  • No medical assistance for a baby who survives a botched abortion attempt. An amendment to ensure that medical assistance should be provided to a baby born alive after a failed abortion was rejected, meaning that abortion survivors will be legally left to die. Under the NZ Bill of Rights, a survivor of abortion is legally entitled to care, this would be another breach of human rights.

  • No protection against a mother being coerced into an abortion. An amendment to ensure that a mother will not be forced or pressured into an abortion by a partner or family member was rejected.

  • No pain relief to be given to a baby in a post 20-week abortion. An amendment to see that babies in a post 20-week abortion would not suffer any pain, was rejected even though it is scientifically proven that babies can feel pain in late term abortions.

  • No protection for healthcare professionals to have conscientious objection. An amendment to ensure that we kept the same conscientious objection standards the same was rejected.

  • No protection for health professionals to keep their job if they conscientiously object. An amendment to ensure restricting employment discrimination on the grounds of conscientious objection was rejected. –

March for Life – walk proud and counter cultural

This Saturday December 5   2pm at Civic Centre:  101 Wakefield Street, Wellington Central
March from the Civic Centre to Parliament Grounds.

Don’t forget your signs!  Keep it simple.  Keep it positive.  Use bold and bright colours and be creative!


More information at




March for life


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