Living Counter Cultural: Cling to Your Deception or Hear Wisdom’s Voice?

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Wisdom speaks:


“Foolish ones, how much longer will you cling to your deception?   How much longer will you mock wisdom, cynical scorners who fight the facts?
Come back to your senses and be restored to reality. Don’t even think about refusing my rebuke!

Don’t you know that I’m ready to pour out my spirit of wisdom upon you and bring to you the revelation of my words that will make your heart wise?

I’ve called to you over and over; still you refuse to come to me. I’ve pleaded with you again and again, yet you’ve turned a deaf ear to my voice.

Like an idiot you’ve turned away from me and chosen destruction instead.
Your self-satisfied smugness will kill you.

But the one who always listens to me will live undisturbed in a heavenly peace.
Free from fear, confident and courageous, you will rest unafraid and sheltered from the storms of life.  Proverbs 1:22-33

Deception has Stolen the Truth

I have been shocked to see how deception has so rapidly advanced into all the spheres of influence, in almost every culture in the world. These seven spheres or mountains of influence include: Government/Economy, Media, Arts and Entertainment, Education/ Academia, Family, Business, Church.

The left progressive movement of socialism, has structures in place that influence each one of these spheres. These structures are well organized, intentional and evil influences who are funded if they work together. ie: ANTIFA, BLM, LGBT, Radical Feminism, etc. They are the counterfeit apostolic movement who are discipling people, on strategies of how to infiltrate and  penetrate each one of these spheres of influence.  Their well documented plan is to bring in globalization, to take control of the world, a one world government.

Sounds like a conspiracy theory but unfortunately it is truth. Don’t just believe me, listen to Lance and many others and research it for yourself.

Jesus said

“GO into all the world and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father , Son and Holy Spirit and teaching them to follow and obey all that I have commanded you. Never forget I am with you until the end of this age.” Mathew 28:19-20

Very Important Message of Truth

In this Podcast, Lance is discussing what we as the Church should be doing.  Lance asks “IF! we need a great awakening…..what were we sleeping through” . I have been shocked as a pray-er that on my watch, while we the church, were asleep and not paying attention, satan planted his people in strategic places in all these spheres of influence, yes even in the church.

Lance is a great speaker, humorous, clear and a very straight talker of the truth.


Our Culture has been turned upside down…

Changing this Counterfeit Culture  can happen, but we need to start working together counter culturally. We can begin by praying into these  mountains of influence, but we must begin to position ourselves in all the different spheres. We must active, motivated, on the alert, and fully occupied with righteousness, justice and truth in Education, Business, Media, Arts, Family, Government and especially Church.

When all these spheres begin to overlap and we gain momentum then we can start to take back what has been stolen.


If  we  work in UNITY, if we GATHER TOGETHER, if we listen to the voice of Wisdom, if we have sphere overlap… God will COMMAND THE BLESSING.


It’s time for the Church to occupy territory, to take back Kingdom Culture. It is our inheritance.

God said He will give us the nations as our inheritance.

Living Counter Cultural

We must walk counter culture to what we see currently, in all these spheres of influence especially the Government, the Media, the Education system, the Family and the Church.

Come out of all deception and hear the voice of Wisdom who speaks…  “the one who always listens to me will live undisturbed in a heavenly peace. Free from fear, confident and courageous, you will rest unafraid and sheltered from the storms of life”.


Proverbs 1:22-33 Passion Translation

Lance Wallnau



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