Living Counter Cultural: Choose FREEDOM

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Legalism? Tradition? Bondage? Pharisee?



Self righteous, full of pride and mean

Ugly spirit manifests

Demanding full observance of the Law

For others…

Watching, following, always there

Ready now to judge

You broke the Sabbath Law



Prestige and  power you shameless cheat

Abusive falsehoods, led astray

Deceptive teaching just like yeast

Spoils the whole lump



Man made ideas, as commands of God

Your worship is a farce

Lips that honour, hearts far away



Blind guides will lead you to the ditch

Their words they will defile

Lifting traditions over truth

No life here….


Humble, private, choosing outcasts

Not requiring power

A different spirit manifests



He challenged their hypocrisy

Challenged  Jewish Law

He read their thoughts, discerned their hearts

Inside … dead man’s bones.

I’ve found FREEDOM


By Suzanne Harris

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