Jeremiah Johnson: Sound The Alarm!

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Sound the Alarm! Pray for the Church of NZ.

Please pray for the church of Aotearoa.

Psalm 74:3-12 …they have come into the very midst of Your dwelling place, roaring like beasts…
Emma Stark suggests that:
…the enemy has crossed a barrier into the church and set up idols in some churches. Where the church has fallen into enemy hands we must not remain silent and not be passive.

Come on Church it is your time to shine

The more sound we are are asleep ….. the louder the ALARM NEEDS TO BE.
As Pastor James encouraged us last Sunday at Capital Vineyard Church:
Lots of words often just become “white-noise” which we hardly even notice. It also drowns out the the real sound and the words we need to hear.
Prophet Jeremiah tells us:
Get in the fight, get into the battle
Get off the the sideline, get into the game

Pray until you can pray Church

It is our hour to stand, to war, to fight and lift up a loud voice.
Don’t ignore these ignorant words, this continual mocking.
Rise up, God: It’s time to defend yourself from all of this.
Never forget what your adversaries are saying.
For their rage and uproar rise continually against you.
It’s time to stand up to them! Ps. 74:22-23

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