Is This What Kiwis Want?

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What No Garage???

With roofs almost touching in many new housing divisions around the country, who thinks this is a good idea?

The following article got my attention as I was browsing through Stuff this morning in a vain attempt to find what was happening regarding the Election Campaign.

My antenna went up…. THIS IS NOT RIGHT!  I decided to do some research and was not impressed with what I found.

Driveways driven away by new rule

A move to free up more land for new builds is likely to see fewer driveways and garages in modern housing, in a move some say could have New Zealand looking like Coronation Street.

Councils across the country must scrap planning rules that require car parks to be put down near new housing or business developments, under newly released housing guidelines.

Discussion on the guidelines cropped up at a Marlborough District Council meeting last week, with council strategic planner Emma Toy later confirming houses would no longer need to make space for two car parks in a garage or driveway. –

New Environmental Laws

Apparently the Government has just passed this new law on August 20th, and already Local Councils are changing the rules. See the full story in the Stuff Article above.

The Labour Government has been paying much lip service to creating a better life and accessible and safe housing for New Zealanders, especially our children. Kiwibuild has not been a roaring success!

This new law sounds like Climate Change gone mad to me. Most Kiwis in NZ own at least one car, necessary for daily life in the absence of public transport, except in the big cities. Our culture and our kids love the spaces, the garden, the trampoline, the DIY man shed and  garage, the patio and BBQ area. Often our cars are not safe being left on the street. In  some areas no insurance is available if your car was not in a locked garage.

Most live-able in the world…?

Labour Government says:

We want our cities to be the most liveable in the world. How we plan our cities can help us transition to a low emissions future and a more sustainable, productive and inclusive economy.


Come on Kiwis let’s not allow any more of our lifestyle choices to be eroded. This present Government just keeps pushing through these unprepared, flawed laws with little regard to the consequences of hard working Kiwis and their rights and choices.

The change comes as the Labour Government looks to encourage development, in part by freeing up land held up by car parks, under its new National Policy Statement for urban development.

The National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020 came into effect on 20 August 2020. It replaced the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity 2016. –


This progressive ideology of “valuing highly productive land” extends the march of removing freedoms from New Zealanders. With many emotive words about the sacredness and value of our land in Aotearoa, we are inch by inch losing the choices to do what WE choose with the land WE own. I am worried !!!

Do the research yourself from the websites provided here. I am happy to have my concerns proved wrong!

Read this statement from the Ministry for the Environment Website:

Valuing highly productive land

Much consultation and consideration has gone into
this discussion document. It builds on the Our land
2018 report from the Ministry for the Environment
and Statistics New Zealand. This report provided a
comprehensive assessment of the impact human
activity is having on our land.
Our land 2018 confirmed that many highly
productive land areas have already been lost. The
report highlighted two key pressures facing highly
productive land on the edge of towns and cities:
• Expansion of our cities and towns with houses
and urban infrastructure to accommodate our
growing population, and the accompanying loss
of New Zealand’s most versatile and productive
• Change of land-use on the fringes of urban
areas, in particular the increase in lifestyle


Our kids deserve better than this. Do not let any more of our FREEDOM OF CHOICE  be stolen by a Government with an agenda for  Socialism and Marxism.


4 thoughts on “Is This What Kiwis Want?”

  1. Battery hens anyone? We can see the consequences around the world of high density housing from residents jumping from high rise buildings in Australia in desperation, to the hell holes that are New York,Chicago and many European cities. It’s no coincidence that crime in these cities is growing and almost out of control. The virus any virus spreads in these cities because it’s not a healthy environment. Living in rural Australia we have found almost no cases of the virus and people are living a healthy,happy and free life. Not in Melbourne unfortunately!

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