Is the Whole World in Rebellion?

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What is the spirit of rebellion and how does it affect you?

Rebellion has its roots right back at the very beginning when Eve gave Adam that apple to eat.
The rules were clear: Eat the apples from any of the other trees (and there were lots of them), but do not eat from that tree of good and evil right in the middle of the orchard or you will spiritually die.

Disobedience broke their relationship with God.

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Rebellion, disobedience and stubbornness often hold hands and shout:

  • My plans not yours
  • I’m not listening to you
  • I don’t need anyone to help me or tell me what to do
  • I am my own boss and I can look after myself
  • Don’t confront me with the truth and what is right, just say pleasant things even if they are illusions and not true
  • Do not be harsh with me
  • I do not need to say sorry or forgive

Rebellion and it’s meaning -resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition.

My own rebellion story

During the lockdown I was home schooling two of my granddaughters, both beautiful, smart girls but one day after way to much arguing and answering back I cancelled class and resigned as “teacher”.  I was overcooked so took at step back to see what was really happening. Was it me? Was it my expectations? or was there something else at play here?

I prayed and heard clear, deal with the spirit of rebellion which was affecting my precious girls.

As my friend and I prayed I saw the root of this rebellion and disobedience started with me back in the hippy days of the 1970’s. I rebelled against the status quo of my family, the culture, the government, authority and did what was wise in my own eyes.

I burned my bra, smoked dope, lived in a hippy commune making bean bags on a treadle sewing machine. We were making love not war, we thought we were changing the world for the good of all humanity.

Instead we were a part of ushering in the new age, the age where we said if it feels good just do it, the age of Aquarius. We championed progressive new thinking and socialism, protested against nuclear power and were members of the Values party promoting green and anti-capitalist ideas and values. We rebelled against and resisted most forms of authority, control, and traditions.

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I owned my rebellion, exposed it, repented and saw rebellion being cut off at its roots. The difference in the behavior of the girls and in my life was remarkable. I saw harmony and joy return, I saw confusion and double mindedness lift off our minds.

The girls both had a new confidence in themselves and were able to concentrate, focus and understand their school work. Home school resumed then they returned to school, even their teacher commented about the difference in the girls.

We do not need to put up with rebellion in our own lives and the lives of our families!



What’s rebellion up to in 2020?

Last year the youth of the world were protesting about climate change or was it global warming. Youth were gluing themselves to the roads, protesting in the streets, on social media, anywhere where this voice could be heard.  Governments all over the world were bowing to this pressure and changing policies to accommodate this protest.

Who could forget 16 year old Greta Thunberg  who lectured  all the delegates at the United Nations as they clapped like trained seals.

“People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth,”  Greta Thunberg

Global warming to riots

This very emotional speech about ” mass extinction” reverberated around the globe and generated much fear especially among our children and youth and this brought climate change to the forefront of all media. Enough said about that.

In January Corona virus was announced to the world, and everyone stayed at home and forgot about climate change and started worrying about a  world pandemic virus.

They forgot about the end of the world caused by global warming and focused instead on millions of people dying from a virus. All protests ceased while the world economy faced destruction.

In the middle of this virus lockdown, George Floyd died resisting arrest.  Now they have forgotten about social distancing to protect themselves from a deadly virus and are out in the tens of thousands all over the world, protesting against racism.


Rebellion has accelerated

Rebellion has accelerated, things are starting to spiral out of control as rioters tear down statues because they want to impose their own version of history. Many of these statues are of great men who worked tirelessly to eradicate slavery and oppression.

Many have  been told during their education that it is shameful to be white and white western civilization is racist. Now, under a racism banner, they are rioting, looting, stealing, killing, raping, burning and pillaging, often with the blessing of the authorities in charge.

The end of world is forgotten the virus is forgotten and they have found a new reason to rebel. This immature thinking demonstrated over the last year shows, I believe, an indoctrination of lies and deception.

Rebellion and disobedience are alive and well in 2020


Time to know our history

If we rebel against and do not know our history, our history will find a way of repeating itself with the same results. Eg: past revolutions or dictatorships destroying nations.


Once a cultural revolution gets going, there can be no contextualization of the past, no allowance for human frailty, no consideration of weighing evil vs. good.   Victor Davis Hanson

Every human heart has the seed of rebellion germinating deep within. We are “rights fighters,” and, when we believe someone is not respecting our “rights,” we rebel.

Learning to appeal to authority is one way to avoid rebellion and still find a resolution to a problem. Creative thinking is another way we can channel our passion for change into productive avenues.

Offering solutions in respectful ways invites our authorities to consider options they may not have discovered without our input.- Got Questions -rebellion

What’s God got to do with rebellion?

Many of the western Nations were established on Christian principles and have greatly prospered into world leaders with strong economies and governments. They prided themselves on all the freedoms they experienced: religious freedom, freedom of speech, economic freedom, freedom to travel, freedom to express an opinion and many others.

Today in June 2020 I want to suggest that most of these Nations have cut themselves off from the help of God. They have despised and turned their backs on those Christian principles, instead choosing many evil practices resulting in corrupt children.

They have rebelled against God and now these Nations and their leaders stubbornly continue in their rebellion resulting in the chaos we have today.  The covenant has been broken, now rebellion is in their foundation.They do not understand where they can be fed and strengthened by the Word and by the Spirit.

There is a future and a hope

I want to tell you there is great hope for the future.

There are many voices speaking, some a lot louder than the others and some fear the silent majority has lost her voice, but has she really? It is time now for the wise counselors and the righteous judges to stand up, to challenge the status quo with truth.

Justice will be restored, repentant converts redeemed. The “powerful elite” will become like kindling and their evil deeds like sparks – both will burn together and no one will be able to put out the fire. ( Is 1 :26,31)

wake up book

Come now and deliberate over the next steps to take together ………



Isaiah Chapter 1 in Passion Translation Bible

Got Questions -rebellion

Victor Davis Hanson

Greta Thunberg

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