His voice it comes from everywhere

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He’s in the garden in the breeze

The sound of God, He’s passing through

Wanting friendship with His two

Reaching out for them to come

Where are you ?


He’s walking back and forth…. echo……

A voice that walks both back and forth….. echo……

From every place I hear that sound…. echo……

From all directions God is heard…. echo……

His voice it comes from everywhere…. echo……

And walk and walks and walks ….. echo……

Where are you ?

I want you Adam where are you?

I need to pour my love on you

I long to meet, this is our time

Come out of hiding show your face

Where are you?

I stand concealed behind the tree

I ate my eyes were opened wide

Now naked hiding and ashamed

I feel my heart cry  Noooooooooooooooooooo  ….. echo……

I’m here God

Cursed, condemned you evil snake

Eat my dust I’ll crush your head

Satan’s deathblow at the cross

Resurrection power has won

                                                                           Forgive me                                         Genesis 3:8 &14-15



Book of Genesis Passion Translation Bible

Passion & Fire Ministries | Brian and Candice Simmons

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