Happy 90th Birthday Thomas Sowell

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Thomas Sowell the most important economist of our time

Two great quotes from two other great thinkers of our time.

What a great story. Thomas Sowell was raised by his great aunt in Harlem and  left school at 17 years old with no qualifications.

He joined the marines then educated himself later in life. One of his first real jobs was in a government statistics department. He was a Marxist and soon learnt that government was the problem not the solution to the problem. This opened his mind.

I think he is the most important economist in the world today. An incredible person ignored by the media because he was a conservative black. —Stephen Meager


One of my two all-time most favourite economists — Thomas Sowell — turns 90 tomorrow, he was born on June 30, 1930.

Here is Thomas Sowell’s webpage and here is his Wikipedia entry.

Milton Friedman (my other all-time favourite economist) once said, “The word ‘genius’ is thrown around so much that it’s becoming meaningless, but nevertheless I think Tom Sowell is close to being one.”

In my opinion, there is no economist alive today who has done more to eloquently, articulately, and persuasively advance the principles of economic freedom, limited government, individual liberty, and a free society than Thomas Sowell.

In terms of both his quantity of work (49 books and several thousand newspaper columns) and the consistently excellent and crystal-clear quality of his writing, I don’t think any living free-market economist even comes close to matching Sowell’s prolific record of writing about economics. —Thomas Sowell, one of the greatest living economists

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