Election NZ : God wants His House of Prayer over this Nation. Pray for Unity of Prayer

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Where are My people?

Let’s pray today:

  • for the unity of the Church to pray together here in New Zealand.
  • that the church will accurately interpret the signs of the times.
  • church will have ears to hear and eyes to see
  • new urgency for His people to pray together
  • time for the church to arise and shine.
  • church be informed and discern the truth
  • that the church of NZ would not be intimidated or shut down again.
  • great wisdom as decisions are made regarding restrictions in NZ.

I have had a very difficult time to find National Prayer Meetings in NZ apart form “Pray as One”  prayasone.nz

I know many are praying in their own churches but I cannot find any other websites with daily prayer updates for the NZ Church during this very crucial time.

Maralyn and I would love to partner with you in prayer for NZ.

We are navigating COVID 19, have upcoming Elections but so much division in Aoteoroa. today.


Lance Wallnau

According to Lance and several of the prophets in USA, they have seen a spiritual reversal. We want that here in NZ in the Body of Christ. – Watch this interesting video from Lance:  https://vimeo.com

If you are reading this, and know of any National Prayer Meetings apart from “Pray as One”, please contact us through “comments” at bottom of this page. This will not be published unless you want it to be.


Pray as One –  https://prayasone.nz/category/reflections/

Lance Wallnau  –   https://vimeo.com

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