Day 9 The Sun is Shining and so is Nurse Megan

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It’s all good news today:


No Changes at Bay Plaza

There will be no changes to the routine, rules or protocols here at Bay Plaza. Thanks to Shane who negotiated long and hard during the night before last. He proposed an extensive document to the Ministry audit to leave things as they are. They are working so well for us here so why change?. Both staff and us in quarantine are on this journey together. We trust one another to make it successful with healthy outcomes for everyone. Thanks again Shane for standing up for what you believed is right. Bay Plaza is safe from change and  bureaucracy!



Nurse Megan

Wonderful nurse Megan took my temperature and it is normal at 36.6. Megan encouraged me to fill in my day with things to do so of course we got talking about this blog. A nurse comes to our door and takes our temperature every second day. They collect health forms filled out every day. Nurses check on our mental health as well as if we have a sniff or cough. Some people are doing better than others but we all have different stories.

Excellent Staff

Big shout out to ALL the staff at Bay Plaza, ALL the security staff and Warrant Officer 2 Shane who is the  Big Boss. A Team for sure. It’s a privilege not a right to be able to return to New Zealand during this time. Also to have our Government pay for everything during our quarantine. Thanks to all our tax payers, I appreciate you.
Thanks to Bay Plaza and all the quarantine hotels. You have all gone the extra mile. A huge job to meet government regulations, evolving rules and isolation techniques. Delivering room service to everyone for every meal with masks and gloves must be a massive job.

Exercise: we are a real family in the car park now


Masterchef at Bay Plaza

Bay Plaza kitchen continues to deliver on “crunch and deliciousness” as Masterchef required the night before last.
The crumbed cauliflower and cheesy pasta bake eaten together, was a winner.
Entree of tiny fried vegetarian balls and salad with parmesan cheese was a great appetizer. Fresh fruit salad to cleanse the palate.
The winning team for today is Bay Plaza…

Sunny skies

Last but not not least, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I saw some birds flying and a yacht on the sparkling harbour. It’s fun to see Wellington wake up on a great day like today and I can hear the rubbish truck out on the street.
There is life after this and we will all move on, let’s always remember to be grateful.


4 thoughts on “Day 9 The Sun is Shining and so is Nurse Megan”

  1. Glad you are doing OK Sue, not long to go now! I’ll be down in Christchurch in a few weeks doing the same again. Keep safe and enjoy the rest of your stay. Shane and his team are looking after you all very well.

  2. Thanks for a different perspective on the experience. I’m Rochelle, Shane’s wife 🙂 Wishing you well for these last few days x

    1. Thanks Rochelle
      Shane has been an awesome team leader.
      Some of us here were talking at exercise time this morning. We agreed that the accessibility and friendliness of the Team here has made this time so much easier than we thought. Hope Shane will be home soon.

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