Day 8 Watching “The Chosen” and Doing Sudoku

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Our coldest day by far today. Turned up the heat, filled my hottie and watched the great  TV series “The Chosen”.

“The Chosen”

The producers have done an amazing job writing the script and casting the actors. This makes this movie a very believable and authentic movie. The sets are so realistic as are all the characters that you feel right there with them. It is also fun to see interviews with the actors and hear their stories. It’s a modern take on the Jesus story but by far the best one I have seen. I watched episode 5 and 6 today.
“Pay it Forward” setup online, allows people all over the world are able to watch this whole series free. I have sent the link to Cambodia. Would be great if everyone at the village could come to Makara’s internet cafe to watch this movie. They can eat and drink some great coffee.
Loved this comment:
Andrews’s reply to Matthew, “How will you listen to us, if you won’t listen to yourself?’ Beautiful 👍


The sudoku hasn’t gone so well… My first one ever but I am determined to finish it! Any good hints guys?


Great Service Continues

The most delicious breakfast arrived this morning in my brown paper bag. Thanks so much kitchen staff, happy you are enjoying the blog. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day but this one has kept me going all day.

Coffee and Cake

Exercise has been a cold affair today but I did venture out twice for a few quick laps with Deb.
Had nice hot coffee and this cake after that…
This Drinks Menu arrived at my door today. I was tempted for a red wine but only for a moment. No fun drinking it alone with only The Chase for company.

Some Brain Stimulation

Today I booked myself in to do two online seminars this weekend. My brain needed some stimulation so signed up. I will do a blogging one and the Arise Conference with Ken Fish, Cindy Jacobs and Bill Johnson.


For fabulous breakfasts
The Chosen to watch on chilly days.
The Book of Genesis in the Bible to read.

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