Day 6 in Quarantine in Wellington

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We have been here one week tomorrow.

I think it is more of the same: sunrise….sunset!!!



The hour of exercise in half the car park is my favourite time of the day. For the last few days the sun has been shining so I have gone out from 10am to 11am and again later in the afternoon, after my nap.

For me this is a time for conversation as well as exercise. I have heard most people’s stories which for me makes life rich and interesting. Everyone here has a unique story and it is great to walk the laps and hear each one of these.

A Brave Quarantine Story

One person told me today she went to Australia four weeks ago to see her sister who was dying of cancer. When she arrived at Brisbane Airport she was told her sister had just died. She had to spend two weeks in quarantine in Brisbane before she could have a funeral for her sister. After the funeral she got back on the plane to Auckland and is now spending two weeks in quarantine here in Wellington. I think she is a very brave quarantiner.

Today was Housework Day

Thought it was time to change all the linen and use the vacuum cleaner  I have walked past for a week. Armed with gloves and mask which are compulsory when going outside my door, I collected the vacuum.

I had rung reception to ask for a full linen change which arrived real quick in a black plastic bag at my door.

We are required to do all our own cleaning to prevent any cross contamination. So it was time to do the bathroom and toilet using all the cleaning stuff supplied.

I am Grateful

For a nice clean room

For sunny days and friendly faces.

For good conversations and a roast dinner last night.


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