NZ Election: Leviathan the Twisting Spirit Affecting NZ.

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Today New Zealand is in transition. The last 24 hours have brought a huge change. We are all experiencing change in one way or another. Many are feeling anxiety and fear due to the uncertainty this news is causing.
This has the potential for people to misunderstand one another or not hear what is being said. Some people are again panicking either to  buy groceries or wanting a Covid Test.
This is very distressing for most people in NZ and we need to pray with urgency into these situations.  The enemy is ready to bring division, misunderstandings and twist the truth being spoken and also in people’s perceptions.
We must stand strong against the Leviathan spirit  from gaining ground.
We pray:
  •  God’s peace especially for couples and families,  speak unity.
  • God’s covering of His presence over NZ today
  •  An increased ability to love one another. Your perfect love casts out all fear.
  • Healing for everyone who has tested  Covid positive or have symptoms in the Name of Jesus. Lord you are able to control plagues. We declare NZ Virus free in Your Name Jesus.
  • Your Kingdom come Lord, Your will be done on earth.
  • We humble ourselves today and pray and ask you to heal our land.
  • Speak the blessing of God over our Leaders so it will go well and bring peace in this Nation.

How does this spirit manifest?

Lance explains : this Twisting Spirit is a world ruler in darkness.  This spirit has many heads and twists relationships and understandings to tear them apart. We see this spirit operating in our families, culture, Government and in ourselves. 
Leviathan spirit twists the truth , twists relationships to bring them into  confusion and destroy  them. It suddenly takes hold of negative thoughts in your mind. Malicious thoughts, disappointed, toxic thoughts and a negative report comes .
The many heads of this spirit are in our media. They can twist the truth, create deception and kill and destroy justice and truth. This spirit operates strongly when we are in transition. The Covid changes and the Elections are both transition times for NZ.
We need discernment Lord!
This twisting spirit can work at thresholds, when things are in a state of change and can block the progress. 
Let’s pray fervently for NZ that this Leviathan spirit will not gain a foothold. In our own minds, in the media, in the Government, in the church, in our society and culture.

We must break our agreement with this spirit and not allow our mind to twist reality.

We must pray:

  • for all our Government Leaders  who are making big decisions.
  • for our Church leaders
  • for the Media
  • for our families and friends
  • for marriages and relationships
  • for our people in NZ
  • for ourselves


How to engage this spirit: 

Prayer Lance prayed on the video to help you pray.
“Now, in the name of Jesus, with my tongue I enter into a contract with the Lord Jesus Christ. I charge the Angel of the Lord to catch every single ungodly thought that the enemy floods into my mind about another person. 
I ask you Lord, to catch and make me aware of every thought that would be in agreement with that twisting serpent.
I ask you Lord, to set a guard over my lips. I ask You to take captive every word that I may speak that would be in agreement with that twisting serpent.
Beginning now, Leviathan will be exposed every single time he comes to my mind!
Holy Spirit, I ask for a new mind. Show me the things that flood my mind towards others when I am feeling the attack of Leviathan. Show me Lord the scripts, the files, the deeply buried memories that the Leviathan may have managed to plant in my mind.
 I want to repent of and release those thoughts. and then bring into captivity every one that does not line up to Your Word. Show it all to me so that my mind may be renewed and I may have the mind of Christ!
 Holy Spirit create a space of Love within me. A place where I can step back into the grace of God and hold the person who is troubling me in there. In this place we can both be delivered from all anger, hate, and misunderstanding.
I WILL overcome evil with good! Show me when I am to fast, show me when I am to pray- because I AM going to be made new through the Power of the Blood of Jesus!
Life IS going to be different!!
 A Warning …
“Lord Jesus, you have said that we can not- and should not- rebuke the giant spirit you call Leviathan on our own.
God please take your Mighty Sword and slay the Leviathan and all his associated demonic spirits. Lord deliver us from this spirit in every area of our lives and society in New Zealand.”


Thanks Ana for Prayer script ( slightly altered by myself)
Lance Wallnau and his excellent video on this subject

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