Day 2 in Quarantine at Bay Plaza Hotel

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Already onto Day Two and Feeling Good.

After a good night’s sleep breakfast arrived. I have asked the kitchen to halve my food supply, I don’t like wasting food. I could never eat the amount of food they bring. I have a friend in quarantine in Auckland. She says she only orders breakfast and the occasional lunch and that is enough. Maybe I will do the same?
On saying that, Alice has ordered online groceries for me. I think there is a conspiracy going on here that needs me to be fat. All my favourite treats are in the grocery box. I am blessed.

 Puzzles for the Brain

A page of word puzzles has arrived with breakfast the last two days so that looks like a new routine to.  My Mum was the crossword queen , not me but I have decided to exert my brain. I am challenging Chris, the army guy to do these puzzles. Life here needs a bit of excitement.
Here is one of the brainteasers on today’s sheet:
Leonard is 15, Darren is 18, Desmond is 19, Mathew is 20, Stuart is 21. How old is Raymond??????
Answer in tomorrow’s blog.

Time for Exercise

Spent the whole hour of our exercise time outside in the car park. Everyone in our group of 30 has their own story. It is a great place for fresh air and to hear all the stories. Most of these are challenging or sad with sick parents, divorce and unemployment.
The lady with her 7 month old baby has been reunited with her pram, lost in transit, so she was out today walking.

 Soldier talk

I had a great conversation with one of the soldiers as we walked together. A young man born in the very north of NZ, brought up by his Nan and Papa in a rural Maori community.
One of seven siblings he was grateful for a strict upbringing.
He remembers milking the cows and feeding the pigs every morning before school. He said he had the biggest lunch box at school and always a large evening meal. He would help his Nan in the garden and go fishing with his Papa to the beach nearby. Now that’s a great way to grow up.
Another guy was running up and down the short length of the car park for an hour. I did a fast walk for a few laps.

I am grateful

I am grateful I am in quarantine in a warm, comfortable and spotlessly clean room here at Bay Plaza. I have a great view and the sun is shining today.
I am grateful for all the wonderful people who are taking care of us. All have happy smiles
This is the back door. There are 2 floors on street level below this on Oriental Parade. We take the lift to the second floor and go out this door to the exercise area.  Security checks us in and out……Works well!

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