Day 14 Quarantine complete…time to go home.

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Today we all said “it went so quickly”

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go, I’m standing here inside my door
I hope we have some time to  say good-bye
But the dawn has  broken, we’ve done the morn, my taxi’s waiting, kids blowing the horn
Already I can’t wait to see their smiles
So shed your mask,take off the gloves  tell me that I’m free to go
Good bye my friends, I really have to go

‘Cause I’m leaving quarantine, do know  I won’t be back again
Oh, now, I can’t wait to go   – Thanks John Denver

No More Room Service

Exercise Clock

Did you see this clock has two faces? I only noticed today when Mary said….



Sunrise No 14

Last sunrise from 11 th floor, Bay Plaza

Painted this picture this morning. My first offering using oil pastels. Thought I must use them instead of just looking at them.


Good bye girls, let’s keep in touch.



To have shared this journey and our hearts with this group of Kiwis.

For my family who have supported me for the last 5 months. I love you. xx

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