Day 11 We have 24 New Guests in Quarantine.

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Almost all “the family” gathered in the car park at 9am.  There was some anticipation and slight anxiety in the air but everyone was doing their thing.
Mary was teaching us all the moves of Tai Chi and the Maori girls were singing their songs to the beat.
John with his limp made up a rap dance in the corner:
It’s not about the science
I’ts all about compliance

A Changing of the Guard

While WO Shane did the handover in the office for our new security team, we all had blast in the exercise yard.
At 10am the fun was over as it was time for them to prepare for our new arrivals coming from the airport.

Arriving from Hong Kong

After a long wait and  precision preparation, the green bus finally arrived. I could watch everything from my window so got a bird’s eye view and of course a few photos. We extend a warm welcome to our fellow Kiwis after a  long trip and wait at the airport.


New Routines and Sharing Safe Spaces

WO2 Murray informed us in our daily email of some necessary changes now we have new guests.
Because we have 24 new guests into the hotel, we need to make  sure we all stay on track for the departure on Tuesday of floors 9,10 and 11.
Because of this we have had to make some changes to the planned exercise / smoking periods, for your floors.
Floors 9,10 and 11 your timings are:
9am until 10 am, and again from 1 pm until 2 pm, and then 5 pm until 6 pm, and the last period for each day is 9 pm until 9.30 pm

We can do this Team.

We have three more days to enjoy Bay Plaza’s hospitality.
We have our final nasal swab tomorrow morning after breakfast.
And Murray has given us plenty of time to run off all the good food.
The breakfast egg and cheese roll was delicious as was my fresh salad for lunch.
I’ve done two online seminars today so that has kept me busy for the rest of the day. 

Good bye Team Shane

It was sad to say goodbye to Shane, Cam and Ced through the fence as they packed their bags into the van. They came to serve, we are privileged to have quality people like these guys in our New Zealand Army.

Invitation to my Church this morning @ 10am

Capital Vineyard, Thorndon Quay, Wellington

We have upbeat music and a relevant message so come and join me online. Copy and paste this link
Online at :

I am Grateful

Nurse brought me some eye cream this afternoon, my eyes already feel better.
I can feel love not fear in this place.

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