Day 10 New guests tomorrow at Bay Plaza

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Big News Everybody is Talking About.

We saw some important people from the Ministry come to Bay Plaza morning. I thought change might be in the air.

Shane’s email this afternoon confirmed that 30 more people will be arriving tomorrow on a plane from Hong Kong. Awesome that 30 more Kiwis have the opportunity to return home to NZ.

We have only four days to go in quarantine so some people feel a bit vulnerable with this news.

Shane said

I can now confirm that we are set to receive a group of new guests similar in size to your own group. Obviously this will now cause (and justifiable so) worry and caution over your last few days here at the Bay Plaza.  There will be a few systems put in place to enable the safe use of shared spaces to ensure that groups of different arrival times remain separated.


None of us like change.

Our group has only used the top three floors of this eleven story hotel. The security staff has used the bottom two. We have enjoyed uninterrupted views of the city, Mount Victoria and the harbour. We have had lots of access to the car park for exercise but now that will have to change. We will have to share.

Today four of us did a Tai Chi session with one of the ladies so that was fun. A change from doing laps around the fence line.

Shane said

  I have already had feedback of individuals intent to take this a step further and remain in their room until they leave. An attempt to ensure there is zero chance of close contact. Kei te pai, this is your choice and is something that I would most likely do, if I was in your situation, of only having a few days left.

Entertainment today

Sudoku is definitley not my thing so I have banished all of them to the rubbish bin. Word search is more my style but it does take me two days to do one. My mum was the crossword queen, doing them until she was 91.

Watched episode 8,  the final in the TV series CHOSEN. What a professional and excellent series. I recommend watching the Chosen.

I love that they portrayed Jesus with some humor and his facial expressions…. wonderful! They have shown the human side of Jesus.


Our Security Team changes again tomorrow so welcome to the new team. We will miss Shane and Team but look forward to meeting the newbies.

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