Day 1 in Quarantine at Bay Plaza

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Its surprising how quick life can bring it’s own new routine.

My case is unpacked, room set up and my computer recharging.


Lots of Support in Quarantine

Chris the army coordinator has visited this morning offering any support and help I need. He is a happy young man, encouraging, positive and helpful. He has organised a time slot between 10-11am for our floor to be in the exercise area down in the car park.

If we need fresh air any time of the day or night he encouraged me to call and one of the army guys would come with me outside into the car park. Just in case I feel an urge to run away….


The Nurse arrived with her trolley and took my temperature. I had already completed the “Daily health check form” so she asked me a few questions about my health. She was caring and  interested to listen to my story. I am feeling well and healthy.

Healthy Food in Quarantine

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner arrive at my door with a polite knock. I have specific dietary requirements and like to eat healthy so I really appreciate the tasty meals  and snacks prepared by the kitchen staff.

Joy seeing family from the 11th Floor

My family arrived with a suitcase full of warmer clothes, my paints, a pile of books and a container full of homemade muesli. So happy to see them way down in the car park from the eleventh floor. We spoke on the phone as we waved to each other and the kids jumped for joy. They have not seen their Granni for 5 months.


My view is great. I looked out onto bush-clad Mount Victoria  and can see some of the Wellington  Harbour.


I saw the ferry coming in this morning. If the sun was shining it would come into my room. I have felt this twelve story building moving in the strong Wellington wind today. This is a beautiful city. It is home.


I am blessed

I am thinking today about all the people in the world who  are confined in very small spaces. Older people in aged care, people in prison and lonely people who live in tiny apartments and rooms. People in the developing world living in poverty.

I am so grateful for my life here in NZ.

This quarantine time is a gift to stay quiet, pray, clarify my thoughts, re-stump some foundations and write my blog.

I am blessed with abundance.



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