Building New Communities: Time to Speak Now about Food Storage!

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Most of us have seen what is happening right now in Singapore. Many people in Singapore are hungry. Many are either not permitted to leave their homes or there is no food available to buy. Their food has completely run out for their families and communities and now these people are desperate.

Could this happen in NZ/Australia? I believe it could, as we are so dependent on distribution here in the deep south. Both these agricultural Nations could feed themselves , but we don’t. Instead we/our government  chooses to import food from overseas. If for any reason food scarcity, failed food distribution or political agendas prevail, we could be in a very vulnerable place.

Now is the time to speak about storing some extra food for these vulnerable times. If this doesn’t happen the worst thing that could happen, is that we will get to eat good food that was bought at half the price. Inflation is raging, who would know exactly at what rate.  We have all noticed a huge increase in the price of our groceries, energy, building materials and most imported products, if they are even available.

Food Storage

So what do I buy and how much ?

Depending on what your family likes to eat, here a some ideas to get you, started.

You can do a massive shop, just buy food on special or make a budget plan and buy every week.

I buy in bulk (10- 25Kg) if possible, it is cheaper and fresher. I store smaller quantities in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. See next blog !


A list to consider buying that I started with:

You are buying staples and some things to go with them to make a meal.


Flours – all the different varieties that you like and use.

Baking powder and yeast



Rice – basmati, jasmine, short sushi, long grain etc



Lentils, all the beans, Chick peas

Salt – buy bulk10-20kg (preservation, sterilization, medical etc)

Soya milk , milk powder, long life milk

Nuts and seeds

Spices – curry, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, turmeric


Coffee Beans  and Tea

Coconut milk

Canned fruits, vegetables, beans and lentils , cans of soup, fish meat, baked beans etc

Vinegar (cleaning products) buy 4L containers

Baking Soda (cleaning products)

Tea tree oil (cleaning products)

Bleach (water purifier, cleaning etc)  buy 4L containers

Seeds for growing  – vege, microgreens, heritage seeds, own saved  or foraged … see another blog

Dish clothes, brushes, plus mops etc

Dish washing and clothes washing liquids


Shampoos and conditioners

Tampons for girls

Moisturizer and sun screen creams

Magnesium powder

Toothbrushes  and toothpaste

Tissues , kitchen towels

Wet wipes


First Aid stuff: Panadol, allergy tabs, peroxide, betadine, iodine, heat rub, T tea oil, band-aids, bandages, dressings, Deep Heat, tweezers,



Have fun, make it an exciting project…
Supermarkets, Asian shops, Warehouses, Moore Wilsons???












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