Building a New Freedom Parallel Community: What Does This Kind of Community Look Like?

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It looks like passion….  It looks like commitment

Its a necessity, for survival in this next season…..

It looks like us…doing stuff together, learning stuff together, sharing skills, expertise and experience. It means a gathering of people who want to do life together because the community we had,  now either doesn’t exist or has changed so much that we no longer recognise it or desire to be part of it.

No more generalizations and waffle, it is time to speak now about Community. I would like to use this blog to talk about all the amazing possibilities we now have to build something new, fresh, strong, sustainable, fun. A freedom community where there is room for everyone. Where everyone’s opinion matters and every voice is heard and valued.

Sounds like a dream but we can make it a reality if we want it bad enough.

I need some writers to help me write from their own perspective. We all have a voice, and I want to hear what you can offer.

Lynnette Zang ‘s mantra:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Shelter
  4. Energy
  5. Security
  6. Wealth Preservation
  7. Barter ability
  8. Community…. she says, the most important!
  9. Health care


I want to start talking about Food. Growing it, seed banks, community gardens, long term storage, preparing for times of scarcity, etc








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