Be not silent for New Zealand  

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Pray, pray and pray again

See dawn’s -blazing light break forth

of righteousness, the lost are saved

break forth

Our Nation will see victory

A new name she’ll be called

He’ll hold her in His palm and say


Not abandoned, left alone

But My beloved wife

In union with the living God

Take rest

Pray my people, intercede,

not silent day or night

Remind our God of New-Zea land

Yes pray

So come into my courts and pray

Bring grain and offer praise

Bring wine, My Spirit overflows


Pass through, pass through the gates of praise

And go from old to new

Build up a highway for the way

To come

Remove the hindrance, raise the flag

Your God is coming now

A Holy People you’ll be called

God Loves                                                – Isaiah  62:2-3, 4-6, 10-12

For NZ’s sake, how can I keep silent…



Book of Isaiah 62

Passion & Fire Ministries | Brian and Candice Simmons


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