Adam and Eve and the Big Bang

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I’m reading the book of Genesis at the moment so I’ve been thinking about:

 The Big Bang of Creation

Five days to create an earth that was so beautiful that even God loved what He saw. The light had obliterated the darkness and the sea and the sky separated at the horizon. God filled them both with fish and birds of every kind.
He spoke again and the islands appeared in the sea. Every kind of plant grew up on the land with power to reproduce from it’s own seed. No hybrids there…
There could have been a big bang when God called two giant lights into the sky and a tapestry of shining stars. These were set in the sky to illuminate the beautiful earth.
And yes you guessed it. Next came every species of living creatures to inhabit this magnificent new world. God breathed His life into every one of them.
This world was created from the spoken word of God. He spoke and “ BANG” His immense power activated life in abundance. A mystery… and now He holds this creation in His hands. Let’s not try to work that out.
But wait there’s more…

It’s Adam

The mighty Potter picked up the clay from the ground and sculptured it into a man. He breathed into the nose of this clay statue and “BANG” Adam was alive a God-man. Adam could live and interact both physically and spiritually.
God kissed life into Adam. This kiss brought intelligence, spirit, wisdom, light and the image of God into Adam. -Genesis 2:7; Job 32:8
Kiss us again God. Kiss Your broken world with that kiss of life. Resuscitate us with that kiss of life.
God put Adam to work in the garden. He asked him to watch over this beautiful garden, protect it and keep the snakes out. He commanded him to eat from every tree and plant except one… more on that in another blog.

Now Eve

God gave Adam a job and a wife. Eve was formed from the original genetics of man. Genesis 2:22.
Together they could make babies. Together as man and woman they showed all the personality and attributes of God. Together they demonstrated the image or likeness of God.
Imagine how excited and in love, both God and Adam were when they saw Eve…
Then Adam said:
At last! One like me
Her bones were formed from my bones and her flesh from my flesh
This one will be called: Woman, for she was taken from man. – Genesis 2:23
No-one is sure when their first son Cain was born. It is agreed by many Bible scholars that Adam was 130 years old when Cain killed his brother Abel. -Genesis 4:8
 Jewish tradition states that Adam had 300 sons and daughter. – Brian Simmons PT
I think Isaac was his only son with Sarah. He had Ishmael with Hagar before this as Sarah was barren. He then married Keturah. Surely she didn’t have 298 babies???
God did promise Abraham that he would have more descendants than the stars in the skies and the sand on the beach…
Some have calculated that there could have been over half a million people alive in the world at that time. – Brian Simmons.
These was always much sibling rivalry between these two brothers, Cain and Abel. But my next blog will about talk that…


Passion Translation Bible  – All Genesis scriptures

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