A Day of Repentance For The Church.

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God’s throne is the Governmental Centre of the Universe. Revelation 4:2-5.

John saw this mind blowing place in a vision . He explains in detail the glorious heavenly throne surrounded with a circle of green light like an emerald rainbow.  He saw blinding flashes of lightning, crashing of thunder and many voices pulsating from the throne.

Lightning is often an emblem of the revelation-word of God breaking forth on the earth ( Ps. 97:4), which dismantles the works of satan (Luke 10:18). As God’s Word goes forth, there will always be voices to carry the fresh revelation of heaven. – Brian Simmons

We must be these voices. It is time to speak now!

Like John when God gives us revelation we must speak it on the earth. It is time to speak on the earth now!

God’s Word, and His revelation  of it, is the only weapon we have to dismantle the works of satan. It is time to speak revelation now!


A Day of Repentance for the Church

Emma Stark suggests that:
…the enemy has crossed a barrier into the church and set up idols in some churches. Where the church has fallen into enemy hands we must not remain silent and not be passive.
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These two prophets are also speaking about the enemy invasion in the Church.


Repentance  Revelation Chapter 2 & 3

Jesus speaks to the Seven Churches here and we believe He is again speaking to The Church today.

Have we allowed any of these sins  to come into the Church today?


Let’s pray and repent NOW.

1.Church of Ephesus:  The Church has lost it’s passion and first love for Jesus.  Rev 2:4 -7


Consequence: God will remove the lamp-stand of My presence and light.

Overcoming Promise: We may eat from the tree of life


2. Church of Smyrna: Satan is in the congregation Rev 2:9-10


Consequence:  Testing by satan and suffering.

Overcoming Promise: You will have eternal salvation and wear the victors crown.


3.  Church of Pergamos: Sexual immorality and idols in the Church Rev 2:12-17. Nicolaitan Spirit.


Consequence: God will purge the church with His word of judgement.

Overcoming Promise: Given the hidden manna and a new name written on a white stone.


4.  Church of Thyatira: has been tolerating Jezebel ( antichrist), cults and immorality – Rev 2:20-26


Consequence: Judgement and distress and I will strike down her followers with a deadly plague.

Overcoming Promise: authority over the Nations.


5.  Church of Sardis:  You have a name that you are alive but you are asleep and dead  Rev 3:1-2


Consequence:  If you continue to slumber God will come to you like a thief.

Overcoming Promise: your name will be written in the Book Of Life


6.  Church of Philadelphia: Passionately kept My Message of Perseverance. Rev 3:10-11

Consequence:  Cling tightly to this as I come swiftly, so no one may steal the little you have.

Overcoming Promise: I will never again leave you.


7.  Laodicean Church: you are lukewarm – neither frozen in apathy nor fervent with passion. Rev 3:15-21


Consequence: You are clueless that you are miserable, poor, blind, barren and naked.

Overcoming Promise: I will give you the privilege to sit on My throne with Me just as I conquered and sat down with My Father on His throne.

Let God arise, the enemy be scattered.


Thank you Jesus. You are making Your bride, the Church ready, for the great marriage feast. She will be beautiful without spot or wrinkle.



Passion Translation plus commentary. Brian Simmonds.

Videos. Emma Stark, Jeremiah Johnson


Edited By Maralyn MacLeod









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