5 Days Until NZ Elections: Rebellion Until God Speaks!

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The Nations Speak

Many Nations are planing rebellion including our own, New Zealand . Futile plots by antichrist power brokers and rulers who scheme and confer together against God.


God Speaks

God laughs and mocks their madness. His Word is Jesus. This Word terrifies these power players so they race to eradicate and shut down the Church, Christianity, freedom of speech for Christians, the Truth.

Jesus Speaks

My Fathers eternal purpose is to give Me authority over ALL the Nations. They will ALL become my legacy and my Kingdom domain will stretch to the ends of the earth.  I will shepherd them with unlimited authority and crush their rebellion as an iron rod smashes jars of clay.

Holy Spirit Speaks

Listen to Me you rebel-kings and upstart judges of the earth…

Learn your lesson while there is still time:

  • Serve and worship God,
  • Recognise His greatness,
  • Tremble in His presence.

Be armed with purity, kiss the Son, be ruled by the Son.

The Son is Jesus

Remember... His blessings are waiting for all who run to Him but His wrath can be quickly kindled.


For this is how much God loved the world – He gave His one and only unique Son as a gift.  So now EVERYONE who believes in Him will never perish, but will experience everlasting  life.

God did not send His Son into the world to judge and condemn the world but to be it’s Savior and rescue it. – John 3:16-17


Psalm 2 Passion Translation


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