33 Days Until NZ Elections; Darkness Will Never Overcome Light.

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Today God is turning on supernatural light.

He actually is this Light. This Light changes the spiritual atmosphere over the Nations. Darkness will never overcome this Light.

This Light will be more powerful than the darkness of a virus, racism, socialism, marxism, communism, humanism,  poverty, brokenness,euthanasia, abortion, pain and shame.

This Light will arise on each one of us causing us to stand up on the inside and begin to walk with a new bold confidence.  God is calling us to a new reality. To arise and shine out of the dense darkness which threatens to cover the earth.

Many will see this Light which will cause them to get up, to spring up, to go beyond where they have ever been before.

Nations will be attracted to this light and kings (and Presidents and Prime Ministers) to the sunrise glory of this new day. – Is 60:3.

It’s time for a new dawn, a new day, a new beginning.

The East Coast of NZ is the first place to see the sunrise every day in our world. This is significant. Let’s make this Light count every day for the next 33 days leading up to our elections. Let this new sunrise shine all over NZ and to the Nations.

We are in a strategic position here in NZ, heading into one of the most crucial and important elections for many years.


It’s Time to Arise, to Speak, to Pray

We are the Great South-land of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s dare to accept the prophetic words spoken over New Zealand and declare them boldly every day.

Let’s dare to be different , to align our thinking with what God says not what the media says.

Let’s be on emergency alert to the march of the enemy through NZ.

The brighter our light shines for what is good, life giving, honest and integral the more powerful is out witness for truth.

Let’s rise up from the ashes of our brokenness and throw off those chains of discouragement and depression.

Let’s shake off the dust that has settled on us in our inactivity and silence, and begin to roar as the militant people we are born to be.

Rise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. Though darkness covers the earth  and thick darkness covers the peoples, God rises upon you and His glory appears over you. Isaiah 60:1-2


Isaiah 60:1-4


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