End of Life Choice Bill. Be Informed. Take the Quiz!

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Time to Be Informed

First take this Quiz and see how much you know about the End of Life Choice Bill.



Time to Pray

This morning I prayed with some wonderful committed intercessors against this Euthanasia Bill. We prayed  fervently for the campaign.  For people working hard to inform New Zealand about the real truth of this End of Life Choice Bill. We prayed all people will make an informed choice. As many Drs and Lawyers have said  this is a very unsafe Bill to pass in it’s present form.  Join us each Saturday 9.30 am until Election Day October 17 on the following website.

Prayer Room

Time to Speak Out Now.

Some excerpts from a Radio interview between:

Henoch Kloosterboer (  End of Life Choice Act  Spokesperson and Campaign Manager ) and

Andrew Urquhart (Radio Rhema)

Henoch Kloosterboer

… a recent poll  from November last year showed that 74% of Kiwis thought that the End of Life Choice Act would make it legal to “turn off life support.”

Now, that is already legal, as are ” Do Not Resuscitate orders!, as is “refusing treatment”,  as is “palliative medication that may hasten death”.

However, those aren’t the things we’re voting on.

We’re voting on whether it is legal for either a doctor to administer a lethal dose to an eligible patient,or for that person to self- administer by receiving a  prescription from a pharmacist.

So it’s very different from turning off life support.


Andrew Urquhart
It’s a tricky one, though, isn’t it? Because it is such an emotive topic. And there’ll be a lot of people listening to this at the moment who have been in that space where they’ve had a relative who’s dying, that they’ve needed to, alongside the family and alongside the person who is suffering, make some some difficult end of life choices. There’s a lot of emotion involved. There would also be an argument for people to say yes…


Henoch Kloosterboer
.. the Act itself describes the medication as “lethal dose.” And that’s why the Vote Safe campaign says this- you’ve probably seen billboards and signage and on the internet .

We’re not talking about medication. In no time in history has essentially a substance that ends a person’s life ever also been called medication.


Henoch Kloosterboer
… that’s why one of the messages that we’re hearing a lot from people is that they’re telling us. Look, we actually support the concept of euthanasia. But this particular version of the legislation that would make it legal is unsatisfactory and unsafe, and therefore we’re going to be voting No.

Andrew Urquhart

So votesafe.nz is the website, whether it’s for information, it’s for the quiz, it’s for volunteering your property to put a sign up.

…, you’re not telling people what to vote, they’ll vote according to their own conscience. But let’s make sure that it is — one way or the other — it is an informed decision.

Let’s get the information out there for people to prayerfully consider. – https://www.votesafe.nz/media

https://www.votesafe.nz/ the web address again.





Prayer Room


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