30 Days Until NZ Elections: Hear the Sound of  Keys in the Voice of My Church.

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Opportunities unlimited are available to the Church of NZ today.

There is a new sound of Angels opening doors for us and our prayer.  (Watch prayer changing video below)

Holy Spirit is saying:

I have heard the voice of My Church declaring doors to open.

I have heard the sound of doors swinging opening.

The entrance of opportunities are opening for the governing Church.

Let us not be mediocre or stuck in old ruts. Let us refuse to continue in old ways of praying, of doing church, of worship. There is a new sound… Can you hear it?

It is time for a mega surge of My Kingdom. Confinement locks are now being broken; governmental locks are now being broken: education locks are now being broken: religious locks are now being broken: the confinement of the enemy is now being broken. -Tim Sheets

Hear the Sound of  Keys in the Voice of My Church:

The devil uses everything in our Nation of NZ, to try to shut the church out of the government, the culture, education, health,the media and even the Church buildings.

In Acts 2;1-2 The Church was born and the Spirit of God  came to earth. “…they were filled and equipped with the Holy Spirit and inspired to speak in tongues…”

The Church has been given keys of governing authority which is governing intercession…. praying in tongues, the language of God and Angels.

Today the Church needs to pray in this  heavenly language and make ruling decrees in the Spirit. Holy Spirit knows the perfect way to pray in agreement with heaven.  – Tim Sheets

Pray Door-Opening Prayers

We can lock or unlock things, pray door opening prayers, by praying in the Spirit.

Holy Spirit helps you to pray in alignment with heaven by praying in the Spirit. This gives you a huge advantage. Holy Spirit will teach you the strategies, to be able to interpret the meaning and understanding of what is happening.

Holy Spirit will show scriptures which apply, and what to decree or declare with your voice.  He knows how to supernaturally open opportunities and strategies for you. – Mathew 16:18-19 Amplified Bible

Jesus said He gives us access to any and  every key to open the doors.-  Message Bible. – Tim Sheets

We have a helper and a comforter. He is a defender and an intercessor so we have a unique supernatural advantage. He knows where the door is, and how you can open it. Let’s pray door opening prayers. He has Angels who are locksmiths, they can open doors that are difficult to open. – Tim Sheets.

Now No Barriers Between Heaven And Earth

 Lucifer has been stripped of all his authority and Jesus has taken back all the keys to all the doors.

I will place upon His shoulders the key to the treasures of David’s place. He will open doors that no one can shut and He will shut doors that no one can open. – Isaiah 22 :17- 22


Jesus said I am giving My Church access to all of these keys… they can declare doors to open or close and locks to be unlocked. There are now no barriers between heaven and earth. A yes on earth is a yes in heaven, a Yes in heaven is a yes on earth.

Church of NZ You Must PRAY in Agreement with Heaven

Speaking in tongues activates the Church’s authority to open doors to government, to culture, to the economy, to demon confinement, to education…..

This video has changed my prayer life.  I can hear the sound of  keys in my voice now!.

Substitute New Zealand and our Provinces and Government as you pray with Tim on video below.

PRAYER from TIM SHEETS starts at 41 minutes on video.     Do listen to his teaching first, my notes from this video, excellent stuff.

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