27 Days Until NZ Elections: Declare into the Spiritual that Which can Change the Natural.

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This Election is one of the most important in many decades.

Be informed in the natural but discern from the Spirit what is happening in the supernatural. We are in a battle for righteousness, truth and justice and to stand against the devaluation of our freedoms on many levels.

Dutch Sheets is a well know American prophetic-intercessor.  He has been called and has prayed faithfully and specifically for USA for over 40 years.

The video below is very encouraging and positive, talking about the Elections in USA.  The Prophets there have dreams daily about the Nations and  about President Trump requesting prayer and significant warnings regarding China.

Dutch states;

“Asian Leaders and Nations are going to be hit by the the biggest revival ever seen”

This will change the course of modern history.

Watch at 45 minutes in the video. Dutch is declaring he was going to Washington to the the Court and to the Whitehouse…. with a group of intercessors to pray. Suddenly there is huge interference in the speakers …. sounds like guns going off… crazy.  He mentioned he has caused speakers to blow up before while he is speaking. Spiritual warfare???

The God  Reset

He speaks about God resetting the Nation of America. A Nation that will accomplish what God has called it to be.

At 57 minutes check out the trees at the Supreme Court and why they are dying ? God’s people have power to declare into the spiritual realm that which can change the natural and the supernatural.

Transformation When We Pray

As pray-ers we must be a trumpet, we must blow the shofar, we must declare what God is saying. We will see Nations transformed all around the world including New Zealand.


God is waiting for us in NZ to find God’s dream for our Nation.

Maybe, just maybe these elections could be a time for a God re-set in NZ?

We as the nation of New Zealand want to accomplish our destiny in God and accomplish our purpose.

We are about to see the harvest of the ages…

The desert will bloom…

It is time to kiss the Son…

God is judging His enemies and the Church will arise as never before. – Sheets

As God’s people we the have power to declare into the spiritual realm that which can change the natural and the supernatural.





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