23 Days Until NZ Elections: Vote No to EOLC Act. Urgent Prayer Required for Campaigns..

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Urgent Prayer Request from:

Heather Major, Anglican Minister and Leader of End Of Life Choice Act, VOTE NO campaigns.

Hi pray-ers
Please pray for all PEOPLE involved in EDUCATING VOTERS TO VOTE NO in the  EOLC campaigns.
1. Today 12pm Dr Huhana Hickey speaking at Hamilton City Council reception lounge.  She is pro-choice but anti risk.  Please pray for a good turn-out.  That everyone is kind.  For technology to work. For media to show.
Also tonight 7-9 she is at a Kura (school) for Korero with Maori.
2. Religious leaders letter, see link…….. was in the herald last weekend but many missed it. Please share with your pastor and perhaps print out A3 for your church noticeboard.  We are printing A4 size to go with every bulletin.
Lots of personal attacks on our church leaders for this.  Pray for them.
3. Meetings:
  • 7 pm Sun 27th Sept Whangarei. Rachel Major and David Seymour the act  candidate in Whangarei,with same name as his leader.  He has motor neurone disease.  Look him up!
  • Mon 28  Thames 2 pm and 7 pm – Heather only
  • Tue 29  4.30 pm and 7 pm Rotorua. Rachel and Dr Denise Aitken
  • Wed 30  7 pm Woolertons Funeral Home Hamilton. Rachel and Dr Lara Hoskins

Please pray protection for all these meetings – people have been sent to disrupt meetings I have anything to do with!

4.  Last night on Newshub about 6.35pm nasty stuff happened – Rachel  ( Heathers 18 year old daughter) was on one of the ads which will come out TODAY so she  could be in news again soon.  She was briefly shown, while Seymour accused the whole campaign as being spiritual, religious fundamentalism, etc.
It was a shocker.
Pray for protection for the whole EOLC team.

That’s why we need Dr Huhana in the media today!!! She’s gay, left, pro-choice, atheist or Buddhist depending on the day but FOR keeping people safe.

Thanks so much for praying.
Heather Major

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